måndag 8 november 2010


Suddenly I started to write in a different way. The story I´m on is visual, like a movie slowly showing it´s way, playing just in the edge of my eye. In other times it´s the text that is visual, and at those times I often write in English and translates in to Swedish. I see the words and it´s more mathematical, transcendental and in a poetic sence transforming my everyday life.
It´s very exiting now, I´m curious about continuing this story as it is the story that leads the way.
ThankYou Gina and Aimee for making me want to translate this particular story, though it´s a tricky one. I´m on my way...
and Sara You are so sweet.
I´m in the presence right now, enjoying.
facing my fears and enjoying as I know it must lead a good way.

4 kommentarer:

sarapirat sa...

enjoying the presence and facing our fears in the same time is a fabulous combination, i'd say!

Anonym sa...

Hei Hanna; found you through Elizabet's blog... It's quite late now, and don't have the time to read much at the moment... jeg kommer tilbake. Du skriver vakkert, vakkert - og jeg blir glad, glad! Det er som å finne et smykke i skogen! Takk!

till-vidas-ara sa...

Precis vad man behöver, fast ibland har svårt att stanna i! Tycker om det du gör - och jag - jag lovar att vila och tycka att det är!

Kramar Lycke

hanna-happenings sa...

tack kära Ni och
varmt varmt Välkommen Lilli.