onsdag 25 augusti 2010


Now they are long gone, hiding
in the memory
of pink petal in full bloom.
To rest one´s face in a dew-wet peony
is a splendid experience.

Now outside my window, a wind
that blows away old habits
I guess I´m going outdoors and attend
to rest my face in those wind gusts.
hopefully, it will be
a splendid experience
when new habits enter in the storm.

Now on my signboard, a sketch
to dive into
looking for layer
with a new eye. yes,
a splendid experience
when habits change and
new opportunities open up.

just like the peony
no longer hiding
in a memory.

måndag 23 augusti 2010


Endless is the amount of color.
This is my color file,
my recipes for tones.
It´s filled but
we´re just in the beginning.
We, as in me and the color.

onsdag 18 augusti 2010

gentle breeze

Slowly taking place in the studio again. Summer hasn´t yet ended. I love August, it´s warm and chill at the same time.

I´m sorry I missed out last weekword, collection was a good one at splendid Textilspanieln. On friday it´s nostalgic at Silver linings 4 me, go there it will be fun!

Tomorrow I will host a board meeting for the council of Nordic Textile Art.
I´ve been preparing, and
I guess I´m back on track soon, but I´m not gonna let Summer trickle out that easily.

fredag 6 augusti 2010

weekword: balance

Perhaps balance is an illusion?
Maybe we seek it too much?
If not in balance,
we might
see things odd and extraordinary.
we might
learn something
about ourselves and
the stories that surrounds us.
Like the tell of this parasol stand.
It´s weekword, please go to Mary for more balance.
Here, the colors are balanced from a weekword in May.
I guess my two weekwords of balance contradict, but
that might be what balance is all about?

måndag 2 augusti 2010

mary has the word

I´m sorry I couldn´t do last weekword at Henniemavis it was such a wide word... I´m thinking about it still though BRAID.
But this was last week and for You who want to play this week Mary has the word!

For me, I´m on an island and now I´m out to pick blueberries!
See You soon!