onsdag 18 augusti 2010

gentle breeze

Slowly taking place in the studio again. Summer hasn´t yet ended. I love August, it´s warm and chill at the same time.

I´m sorry I missed out last weekword, collection was a good one at splendid Textilspanieln. On friday it´s nostalgic at Silver linings 4 me, go there it will be fun!

Tomorrow I will host a board meeting for the council of Nordic Textile Art.
I´ve been preparing, and
I guess I´m back on track soon, but I´m not gonna let Summer trickle out that easily.

2 kommentarer:

sarapirat sa...

the gentle breeze it the best. especially these days when the heat is unbearable.
enjoy the late summer days!

Elisabeth sa...

Äntligen är du tillbaka, Hanna. Jag har saknat dig! Och jag blir nyfiken på vad du har på gång. Och håll fast i sommaren - det låter bra - jag har släppt taget.