onsdag 29 augusti 2007

"Night sky in my stone floor" or eternity everywhere.

"Night sky in my stone floor" or eternity everywhere. It´s the title of this piece that I also made this spring and summer.
It meassures 153x120 cm. The technique is print on canvas.
In every square every colour has it´s own pattern and print. The print must dry on the canvas before the next colour-coat. I worked for so many hours on this piece that I totally forgot about time and it became like a meditation.

"Where you are" or I´m thinking about Giotto.

"Where you are" or I´m thinking about Giotto. It´s the title of this piece that I made this spring and summer.
It measures 153 x 120 cm. The technique is print on canvas.

lördag 25 augusti 2007


Today I visited my former teacher, Kirsten. She had invited some of her "old" students for lunch. It´s always inspireing to see you all! Thank´s for a great afternoon (and the tomato-soup, yum-yum!).


Ok, I´ve been "tagged" by sweet and talented Li at liebling. I had to look it up, the signification of this. It´s a blog-game where you have to reveal 8 facts/habits about yourself. It´s real fun cause I´ve searched backwards at the ones who has been tagged and by whom. I found so many interesting and creative people to blogvisit!!! My favourite one is Debi, I´m in love with her knitted characters.
Thank you gulLis!

So anyway here are my 8:
1. I can never decide whether I want to live on the countryside or in the city.
2. My artwork is my passion, my call and my lifejacket.
3. I really enjoy doing laundry.
4. My cat Zeb Macahan have saved my life several times.
5. My husband and I met for the first time when we were seven years old. It took twentyseven years before we became a couple. But now it´s for life!
6. Sometimes I make a specialorder for pizza with: tomatosauce, tuna, union and sauce-bearnais. No cheese. (I love cheese.)
7. I love watching my husband bake. I always have. Especially in school at family and consumer science/hemkunskapen.
8. Once I bought a prayer mat at Ikea. I tried it out at the store before buying it.

And now I tag interesting artist and author Marie!

torsdag 23 augusti 2007


When I look up today it´s white and poorly grey.
So hey;
I´ll give you some blue with slightly white
and if you want, imagine your own colourful kite.

tisdag 21 augusti 2007

måndag 20 augusti 2007

at the park

I have nothing to say.

onsdag 15 augusti 2007


I can only give you a small detail from the suite "Contrathree" / "Kontratre". A jury is looking at two of the pieces at the moment!

tisdag 14 augusti 2007


A butterfly findes a breathing-space on grandma´s cardigan.

måndag 13 augusti 2007

the sun-star

"the sun-star" / "solstjärnan", from 2002. The piece is now situated in Sunnerboskolan, a senior high school, in Ljungby, Sweden.

Photo from Sunnerboskolan by Karin Hermansson.


"Dawn" / "Gryning", from 2003. Can for example be used as an underlay or a plate for cheese.

compass N E W S

"Compass N E W S", from 2003. It´s the first in a series and I´m still in progress with this work.


Pocket-mirror with words to remember, "you are fine", from 2006.


"open" / "öppen", from 2003

summerexhibition 2006

Pictures from the summerexhibition in Ljungby, 2006.

torsdag 9 augusti 2007

green light

I really need to go down to my studio. I am about to assemble two of my latest pieces. I´ve been working with them the whole springtime. They are quite big and the last moment includes the sewing-machine (not an easy combination). It mustn´t go wrong.
I give myself green light.


Here I am printing on the piece "the song of the blackberry".
I work in a studio in Malmö called KKV-Textiltryck. It´s a really great place of work for us artists who work with textiles in different ways, mostly printing by hand. It´s a collective of about 50 artists from the south of Sweden.

Photos by my husband Jonas Brunskog.

onsdag 8 augusti 2007


Sweet daisy for a sweet daisy.
Tusen sköna tusenskönor min sköna.


Texture by hand and by nature.

tisdag 7 augusti 2007

Morning over Malmö

"Morning over Malmö I & II". The Church of S:t Pauli in Malmö, Sweden.
These are pictures from an exhibition in the summer of 2004. I had a starting-point in the church architecture when I made my pieces. The meassurements of the prints are the same as the windows of the church. I played with the colours from the room. The sun comes up in the exact quarter behind the textiles. It was a joy for me working with this exhibition as the way I work with colours and geometrical forms touched upon the architecture of the churchroom.
I am interested in minimizing the amount of colours in my prints and still get a spectra with width.


Smelling flowers on a sunny day.

yellow bird

work in progress, I´ve decided to do some small pictures for a change. This one will turn out 20x20cm.


Dear you all,

this is a blog on request. When I meet people they often get curious about my work. So on this blogsite I will give you glimts of my artwork, exhibitions and view some of my thoughts.

Hope you will enjoy,