tisdag 7 augusti 2007


Dear you all,

this is a blog on request. When I meet people they often get curious about my work. So on this blogsite I will give you glimts of my artwork, exhibitions and view some of my thoughts.

Hope you will enjoy,


6 kommentarer:

Jonas B sa...

Nice bird Hanna.

hanna brunskog sa...

thanks jonas b.
didn´t we go to the same comprehensive school?

Anonym sa...

Du är en liten människa av guld! Vad kul att du finns ännu mer nu :) Pusssss

hanna brunskog sa...

söta findus.

Anonym sa...

What an aesthetic presentation! Filled with positive feelings and thoughts in combination with beautiful images. (Not to mention the quality of work from those two photographers...)
Nice going!

hanna brunskog sa...

Thank you Bettan!!! Nice to see you here on the sight. (it would be nice to see you in reality too!) Take care!