onsdag 26 januari 2011


reflect and
change angle.

the way
the way I
the way I see
the way I see things
Everything has different angles
Everything is three dimensional at the least.
Everything is not always what it seems

when I look at You
when I look at You I see You and
maybe I don´t see what You see
in Your mirror mirror...
change angle

I see You and
I see Your layers
don´t be afraid
You are beautiful.

fredag 14 januari 2011

weekword: recycling

Oh my, I have so many takes on this weekword.
Elisabeth, host for one of my favorite places Textilspanieln, choose Recycling.
When starting to think about it my whole life is a recycle.
Such a beautiful word Recycle.

I do it all the time. 
I recycle bottles, crap, plastics, glas, paper, metal.
I recycle leftovers in our compost. (I love the compost)
I recycle seeds from flowers and words from books.
I recycle the childrens clothes, recieve from older and give away to younger.
I recycle my art.
I recycle traditions.
I recycle my thoughts, my memories, my love.
I recycle knowledge, recieve from older and give away to younger.
I recycle compation, light, energy.
I recycle the way I move, dance, love.
I recycle the way of being as a human being.
I recycle my craft, my voice, my head.
I recycle the way I tease.
I recycle my humour, my fears, my tears, my sorrow.
I recycle my smile, yet every smile is new.
I recycle the choice I have of doing good in every second.
I recycle the colour of wisdom, the air I breath, the strength of my muscles and my recipes.
I recycle the cycle of Time and the cycle of Life.

I am a cycle in the cycle of God and so are We.
Please recycle me.

lördag 8 januari 2011


She says:
"When my elder brother was in your belly I was on the other side waiting. When I was in your belly he was on this side waiting."
She, my two and a half year old daughter.

fredag 7 januari 2011

weekword: simplicity

Well Happy New Year You All!

to start the new year here Christine invited me for weekword, I couldn´t resist.
But I feel as I have nothing to say. I´m simply still waiting for the words to gain. It could also be the feeling of having too much to say, as if the words are in a hive. Unable to be captured. The paradox of talking perhaps?

Still in my mind I believe that important words are paradoxes, always interesting. As in the word Simplicity everything holds that is not simple, not light, not easy. And if You can grab hold to those paradoxes in a simple way You gain, You gain Simplicity to hard stuff and that might be the bonus win of this word. Does it make any sense?
I hope You hear me, it´s like my voice is really tiny.

All Good and Peace now in 2011. Simplicity to You my fellow beings.