fredag 14 januari 2011

weekword: recycling

Oh my, I have so many takes on this weekword.
Elisabeth, host for one of my favorite places Textilspanieln, choose Recycling.
When starting to think about it my whole life is a recycle.
Such a beautiful word Recycle.

I do it all the time. 
I recycle bottles, crap, plastics, glas, paper, metal.
I recycle leftovers in our compost. (I love the compost)
I recycle seeds from flowers and words from books.
I recycle the childrens clothes, recieve from older and give away to younger.
I recycle my art.
I recycle traditions.
I recycle my thoughts, my memories, my love.
I recycle knowledge, recieve from older and give away to younger.
I recycle compation, light, energy.
I recycle the way I move, dance, love.
I recycle the way of being as a human being.
I recycle my craft, my voice, my head.
I recycle the way I tease.
I recycle my humour, my fears, my tears, my sorrow.
I recycle my smile, yet every smile is new.
I recycle the choice I have of doing good in every second.
I recycle the colour of wisdom, the air I breath, the strength of my muscles and my recipes.
I recycle the cycle of Time and the cycle of Life.

I am a cycle in the cycle of God and so are We.
Please recycle me.

10 kommentarer:

sarapirat sa...

dina ord igen! så fint skrivet, precis så är det ju i återanvänder och återvänder ofta.

Anonym sa...

Brilliant; elsker ditt dikt! Please recyckle me too! :) Lilli

Domestic Scribbles sa...

Life as a recycle...yes indeed. Particularly love your line, "I recycle my smile, yet every smile is new."

Elisabeth sa...

And all of a sudden I feel normal waking up feeling recycled, falling asleep after another recycled day. This head full of recycled thoughts. Soon recycling that dream of walking around barefoot in Skåne.

Karen sa...

A beautiful inspiration for all of us to enlarge our definition of recycling - thank you.

bluerose sa...

"I am a cycle" - wonderfully said!

junebug sa...

Love your list. I had never thought of it that way. I'm always so obsessed with the practical applications but you have it right on!

Biomouse sa...

I missed your delicate and architectural pictures and your amazing poetry Hanna, so glad you are back with Weekword! I will be keeping your last line in my head for some time: Please recycle me.

till-vidas-ara sa...

Jaa! Underbat - precis så är det och så fint skrivet av dig!!!

justahumblebee sa...

As always your interpretations are pensive and meaningful. It is always a pleasure to visit and see! :)