lördag 25 augusti 2007


Ok, I´ve been "tagged" by sweet and talented Li at liebling. I had to look it up, the signification of this. It´s a blog-game where you have to reveal 8 facts/habits about yourself. It´s real fun cause I´ve searched backwards at the ones who has been tagged and by whom. I found so many interesting and creative people to blogvisit!!! My favourite one is Debi, I´m in love with her knitted characters.
Thank you gulLis!

So anyway here are my 8:
1. I can never decide whether I want to live on the countryside or in the city.
2. My artwork is my passion, my call and my lifejacket.
3. I really enjoy doing laundry.
4. My cat Zeb Macahan have saved my life several times.
5. My husband and I met for the first time when we were seven years old. It took twentyseven years before we became a couple. But now it´s for life!
6. Sometimes I make a specialorder for pizza with: tomatosauce, tuna, union and sauce-bearnais. No cheese. (I love cheese.)
7. I love watching my husband bake. I always have. Especially in school at family and consumer science/hemkunskapen.
8. Once I bought a prayer mat at Ikea. I tried it out at the store before buying it.

And now I tag interesting artist and author Marie!

2 kommentarer:

Jonas B sa...

I do not think your husband will ever bake you that pizza.

debi van zyl sa...

hi hanna! glad you went backwards and found me... i've also enjoyed reading your blog and your work is really great! i'm with you on fact no.1 - city vs. countryside... it's a always been a big question for me because i love both so much! anyway, just wanted to say hello and that i'll be visiting your blog often to see what else you're working on.