fredag 6 augusti 2010

weekword: balance

Perhaps balance is an illusion?
Maybe we seek it too much?
If not in balance,
we might
see things odd and extraordinary.
we might
learn something
about ourselves and
the stories that surrounds us.
Like the tell of this parasol stand.
It´s weekword, please go to Mary for more balance.
Here, the colors are balanced from a weekword in May.
I guess my two weekwords of balance contradict, but
that might be what balance is all about?

5 kommentarer:

merrytait sa...

Nice poem! Interesting pictures and thoughts.

I know I feel out of balance a lot.

So sorry I chose a word already used, but I'm new, didn't know, had no time to research--I'm out of balance.

I love the poem, images, thoughts, meditation. Maybe I should just try to relax a little about it.

Elisabeth sa...

Det var roligt att tänka igenom weekword en gång till och att se alla andra göra detsamma! Fantastiska foton :) Och så gillar jag det här med balans i obalansen, eller att inte vara rädd för obalansen. Det kanske är den som är själva dynamiken som leder oss vidare till en bättre balans än tidigare... Jag ska börja känna in gunget mer när det svänger.

Christine E-E sa...

Lovely shade of blue.... how did you do these pics?? do tell!

B sa...

Interesting words and images.... seeking balance too much.... maybe being able to see things differently, more clearly if we let things get out of balance... hmmm... great food for thought... Blessings on your day, B.

S.E.Minegar sa...

Interesting idea here. Do you suppose we strive so hard to achieve balance that we miss the point? Why do we crave balance?