fredag 21 maj 2010

weekword: hiding

Inuti trädet gömmer sig bladen.

Denna veckans ord är gömmer sig/döljer, Linda Sue länkar till oss som gömmer sig idag.
Veckans ordlek är öppen för den som vill, det är bara att hoppa in och delta!

Inside the tree, the leaves are hiding.
This weekword is hiding, go to Linda Sue to see the participants who are hiding today.
Weekword is free for anyone to take part in, please jump in and join us!

9 kommentarer:

Aris sa...

ahh beautiful. Would love to sit under the tree and have a cup of coffee with you, perhaps we could wake up the shy leaves!
HAve a wonderful weekend.

Linda Sue sa...

Oh my! They are hiding so well! They may never come out, especially knowing what happens in autumn...

Elisabeth sa...

Jag hoppas att sommaren inte gömmer sig längre...

Leenie sa...

Fun and unusual branches. Your leaves will come out of hiding soon! Most of ours are out, but just barely. We live at such a high altitude that spring comes late for us. Nice to visit your blog.

B sa...

Oh - love that phrase... never thought about the leaves hiding inside of the tree in winter, but I suppose they are, aren't they? Just waiting to come out... Lovely.

justahumblebee sa...

Clever, I love this idea of leaves hiding within the branches.
There is a lyric from a song I really like called 'Stars' by The Weepies that evocative of your idea. You may like it to if you hear it. :)

"...Branches are bare with a pulse underneath
Flowering slowly inside
Your hands are warm and my body is wide
To hold all the promise of blue-velvet dark and stars..."

aimee sa...

that's such a lovely thought! from now on, in winter, i won't think of the leaves being dead, but instead, in "hiding".

till-vidas-ara sa...

Vackert...det här gillade jag, kanske jag hakar på om tiden finns :)

Kramar Lycke

hanna-happenings sa...

for Your information, I can see the leaves on these branches now, they are late... but never too late.
I´m thinking of hiding now since last week, everything seems to be hiding. That was a good weekword.

justahumblebee, thank You for that lovely lyric. I´m touched.

Nice to have You all here!