fredag 14 maj 2010

weekword: mother

Veckans ord: moder.
Fina Aris har alla medverkande. Titta dit!

Weekword: mother.
Lovely Aris has all the participants. Please visit!

7 kommentarer:

B sa...

Sweet! Love the crown most of all. Have a wonderful, motherly, weekend! B.

Aris sa...

aww so sweet. I too have a mother of the babies. When i watch her play with them I hear the mother that I really am. ahh our little mirrors.
so sweet, Hanna.
Have a wonderful weekend with your sweet ones(:

Veja cecilia sa...

underbara bilder!

Caroline sa...

Underbart! Kärleksfullt! Vackert!

justahumblebee sa...

the mother is the queen for sure:)

Metronyx sa...

Man blir så rörd av dessa underbara bilder.

Bella Sinclair sa...

Awww, she melts my heart. The crown is an excellent touch. :)