tisdag 29 mars 2011

super studio

KKV-Textitryck i Malmö!
Here I work with my major works, screen printing on these huge printing tables. The studio is fully equipped. KKV-Textiltryck (textile-printing) is a workshop studio, a non-profit association of artists working with print and dye on fabric. It´s a great place not least to exchange experiences and chat with colleagues.
The work on the table belongs to Margareta Heijkenskjöld Holmgren

2 kommentarer:

Rachel sa...

what an interesting place to work! i bet your son had fun being with you there while nursing his foot.
and to answer your question, yes we home school ( or home teach). It's a blast and we are able to take journeys any time of the year and we have the museums to ourselves during the week!

jasmin sa...

I could spend hours in there .....