måndag 21 mars 2011

an A

Nadine chose a letter from the alphabet for drawing challenge and I dared the opportunity to translate a story that I´m working on. I guess it´s still in progress but I´ll tell You the essence of this story. It goes:

Do You need to know the alphabet first, before You can read?
If You don´t know that there are books then maybe You don´t know there´s a thing called reading.
Don´t you need to know the knowledge about reading before You can understand that there are letters that can form words, that can frame sentences, that build stories that roots in history.
So You must know history before You know the alphabet?
But how to read history when You don´t know about characters from the alphabet?
And to decipher them in to meaning.

So what then if You find an A.
You could think it´s a sherd of a star.

Well, it might just be the fragment of a star that someone used as an A to frame sentences to tell their story.

4 kommentarer:

Elisabeth sa...

Å (Amedenringöver). Så vackra mönster. Jag kan se dem framför mig som textila. Som fina korten jag blev så glad över. Fortfarande är glad över. Har på mitt arbetsbord som inspiration och dagliga glädjespridare.
Ikväll bör inbjudan till Östra Hoby bli klar. Den kommer både på bloggen och på Facebook. Håll tummarna!

♥ w o o l f ♥ sa...

my word, hannah! how wonderful, enlightening, unexpected, ... philosophic and graphic! i am overwhelmed by your vision!!
i so want to read your story too now... is it in, hm, english?
ai, ai, you're gonna tell me it's in swedish, no?? ;)
lovely to meet you! i'm adding you to this week's list. next week's theme = blossom, by Stephanie
nadine♥ (woolf) x

sarapirat sa...

hanna. dina tankar som svävar. ett mandala utav bokstaven a. vackert och tänkvärt. det näst-första här på morgonen. efter lång tystnad.

Milady Productions sa...

how did i miss this?
wonderful process to see your brain in motion. graphic and conceptual. brilliant!