lördag 12 mars 2011


Drawing challenge today at Textilspanieln.
I'm sketching for a huge piece. I'm planning for about four meter fabric.

Lay all Your own symbols in the name of bird.

This piece for me includes Rebirth, ashes , faith.
Today my thoughts are in Japan and deep in the pacific ocean.
Love to You all.

8 kommentarer:

junebug sa...

This looks like it is going to be amazing! You are so talented.

Elisabeth sa...

Spännande och fint. Jag vill se det när det blir färdigt också.
Från solsken. Trots sorg i världen.

♥ w o o l f ♥ sa...

this is intriguing...
i shall look forward to its progress.
lovely to meet you.

Rachel sa...

its so lovely already! can't wait to see it finished.

Milady Productions sa...

I can't wait to see what evolves!
We are all sending birds of hearts to Japan.

justahumblebee sa...

I can't wait to see this when you are finished! It looks wonderful!

Ariane Reichardt sa...

Oh, Hanna,
I saw your wonderful 'patchwork-butterflies'... and now these flying birds. Love that beeing in progress, beeing part of your process... now I'm snoopy.

jasmin sa...

hello hanna. have we met already? i don't think so.... I am flying by, catching up on all the beautiful bird drawings.... late I know... and with letters of the alphabet to catch up with too... i am part of the lovely little drawing group too... x