torsdag 22 juli 2010


white horses
at sea.
the water was so forgiving.

white horses
fellow-creatures of peace.

I knew
they would whiten my soul.

5 kommentarer:

Aris sa...

love your new header, beautiful photographs and words. We too have a white horse in a field nearby I always feel like he is not quite real. TOo peaceful to be in this beautiful world.
HOpe you are enjoying a beautiful summer.
and thanks for your last comment, i needed that(:

Aris sa...

i meant in this busy world see i am even too busy to write what i mean(:

hanna-happenings sa...

did You mean the comment on the laughing ladies the one on a saturday morning?

I´m enjoying summer, luxurious time with my whole little family. Hope You are too Aris!

Veja cecilia sa...

underbara bilder.

justahumblebee sa...

beautiful moments and photos Hanna :)