fredag 9 juli 2010

weekword: flavor

I am a blackberry
in Your mouth I want to be
a tiny blackberry
let´s share this moment You and me.

mmm, I´m a tiny blackberry
I´ve waited for You only
a tiny blackberry
in the moment of taste we´re not lonely

oh, You little blackberry
You´ve landed on my tounge
imagine tiny blackberry
You made me sing this song. (it´s me playing the piano and singing in swedish)

Everytime You eat a blackberry, note: that blackberry existed only for You.

This was a song that I heard in my mind some years ago when I was picking blackberries in a grove. I was gonna bake a blackberry pie. But when picking those beautiful berries they like spoke to me, and said:
"Hey remember I´ve been growing here and my existense right now is for Your sake only."
It was such a sweet moment of divine insight. It was me and those blackberries alone.

and for the pie... well it ended up really small.

So my flavor of today will be the blackberry.
Please do visit sweet Aimee and she will give you lots of flavor this week!

11 kommentarer:

aimee sa...

i love your blackberry art and your divine insights, hanna! i will carry this thought with me all day, starting with my cup of coffee, knowing it exists just for me! thanks for participating!

S.E.Minegar sa...

Beautiful design! I knew that licorice I ate was special. Who knew it was just waiting for me!!

B sa...

Love the blackberry you made! And your words, too. Thanks for the look into your process.

Christie sa...

Yes, it's wonderful to see your work from beginning to end. I love the sweet dilemma you describe -- between eating the blackberries right away or saving them for pie. Delightful art and words!

Caroline sa...

Delightful flavour post - luscious colours! Nice blog too!

cath c sa...

my goodness, delicious! all the way through.

i have a not so secret love affair with blackberry jam on toast.

Natasha sa...

I'm hungry, I'm inspired, I'm loving this work, your words, your process...the whole blackberry mess. It's delightful, simply delightful!

Veja cecilia sa...

härligt med tryck! inspirerande:)

Ecobatt sa...

Your blackberries are delicious just to look at, let alone wax poetic with :) Thank you Hanna for stretching my inner free writing aptitude!

nathalie et cetera sa...

love it! mmmmmm! blackberries!

Mary Stebbins Taitt sa...