fredag 2 juli 2010

weekword: nothing

Nothing much?
today there WILL be much of nothing
and we´re doing it for nothing...
nothing IS fancy, it´s nothing fancy
and nothing IS peculiar.
because Nothing holds Everything,
Everything includes also Nothing.
If You have nothing on Your mind, anything can happen.
Nothing is the beginning, the end
in nothing You can sence eternity.
Nothing is
the bridge
to it all.
all included.
Do visit my weekword friends
today they will give You nothing!
and please jump in, from where You stand I would love to here about nothing.
Just leave me a comment and I´ll count You in.
Lovely Aimee at Artsyville will lead the way next week, I´m so looking forward to it!
nothing more?
oh, yes, a song that I´ve been hearing in my head ever since I started to think about nothing this week.

10 kommentarer:

Elisabeth sa...

I love it, Hanna, I feel the beauty and I believe we shared the same feeling as we thought and wrote about nothing? And you reminded me of my favourite song ever. I used to worship Sinéad. I wanted to live this song.


sarapirat sa...

very beautifully written.
nothing is everything.
i enjoyed reading very much.

have a great weekend.

justahumblebee sa...

sensing eternity in nothing
it's such a profound thought...
thank you for your week word and your thoughts Hanna
:) warm regards

Elisabeth sa...

Hanna! Jag letade reda på den. Du har den på min blogg idag. Enjoy ;)

annika sa...

På svenska blir det egentligen ingetting - som många barn säger... inget ting. resten som inte är påtagligt som ett ting är det i utrymmet som blir. Det viktigaste som inte är något ting...äsch, lite snurr så här på nattkröken. Hittade hit från Sarapirat. Natti natti

nathalie et cetera sa...

very clever writing! love it!

Veja cecilia sa...

lite sent postat, men nu är jag med:)

aimee sa...

as usual i love the way you wrote about the word you chose! such verbal elegance!

p.s. i've posted the new word! :)

Aris sa...

nothing sounds perfect. I am a big fan of nothing but not so good at doing it. I will work on that.....
I've missed you Hanna! Hope you and yours are well and loving summer!

hanna-happenings sa...

Thank You all! Nothing couldn´t be so nice without You.