fredag 4 juni 2010

weekword: nu / now

nu är
nu är platsen
nu är platsen att vara
nu är nu, även upp och ner.

now is
now is the place
now is the place to be
in now, everything is won.

Weekword now.
Please visit these beautiful people, they will give You thoughts about now, right about now:
up side down bee,
veja cecilia,
just a humble bee,
all I ever wanted,
till vidas ära,
malins ögonblick,
et lille oejeblik,
Still time to join, I´ll just put You in to the list. Do it now!

On monday just a humble bee (thanks, I´m so curious about Your choice) will unveil the next weekword!

17 kommentarer:

Aris sa...

I am sorry I didn't make now. Now is too busy, not to worry though I am loving every minute of it. Today my little ones have there preschool celebration and then onto kindergarten at the big school... now is changing fast(:
Have a wonderful weekend Hanna.

malin Nuhma sa...

jag är med med mitt nu!

nathalie et cetera sa...

i couldn't make it either. i like your take on it though! happy weekend!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment sa...

i made it! thank you for encouraging me in the first place, and inspiring me today. now.

i like your now. it's right.

justahumblebee sa...

thank you for a great word... I'd be happy to host next weekword. :)

aimee sa...

i enjoyed every bit of your now! thanks for a great weekword!

Elisabeth sa...

Mitt favoritord hittills. Uppdrag slutfört, skickar kram. Nu!

Linda Sue sa...

NOW is a wonderful time to be alive. You have WON this moment of NOW!Great choice for Friday word! Thanks Hannah!

S.E.Minegar sa...

Count me in! I just NOW added my now post! This is my first ever weekword! Yippie!

Anairam sa...

I also did not make this weekword due to work pressures. But at least I am visiting you NOW!

Now here is a deep thought: If you start saying Now now, and say it over and over, you will always be right! (You might also sound slightly crazy, so I don't advise you to try this when others are around ...)

Fruenswerk sa...

Like your now letters...I´ll try to join you later or tomorrow Thanks Hanna...:)

hanna-happenings sa...

now this was fun, thank You all!

sarapirat sa...

now now now. nu nu nu...
med hjärtat på båda sidorna, utav muren. precis så! fint.

B sa...

Thanks for hosting this week! Great word... and great take on it from you! Mine's late, but finally up there.

till-vidas-ara sa...

Ja, detta var ju jättekul!!! Räkna med mig nästa gång också :) Hade nästan tänkt hoppa över när jag såg att du hunnit lägga ut listan där lilla mej var med - så det var ett snabbt ihopajox, men vilken härlig feedback man fick..superhärligt!!
Härligt NU du fick ihop!!!!!

Massa kramar Lycke

Veja cecilia sa...

fint hanna, nu är nu:)

hanna-happenings sa...

now, thanks again!