fredag 25 juni 2010

weekword: non/attachment

I guess this weekword is attached to the last weekword, ´cause it´s in a dream.
If I dream about a man telling me something, are the words his or mine?
When I wake up, can I then say that I came up with that clever sentence that he gave me?
It is my dream, I was dreaming about him.
His words as he spoke them, but
in my dream.
So can I use that sentence as mine or
is it his?

I guess the dream is the question.
I can´t remeber the sentence.
It´s a non attachment.
Go to beautiful Sarapirat, she is attached to her dream!
See who else has attachment or non attachment this week at her place.
Photos by Ansgar four years old.
And to all of You a Happy Midsummer!
Here is our celebration last year.

5 kommentarer:

sarapirat sa...

i'd say its you! it happens in your mind, in your dream. the world, the man through your vision.

Elisabeth sa...

I love the pictures! Och ha en fin helg. Ses! :)

sarapirat sa...

hanna, vill du kanske välja nästa weekword? ingen har anmält sitt intresse, så jag frågar... ha en härlig söndag!

Veja cecilia sa...

fint hanna. jag hade ingen energi för weekword den här veckan, fast jag ville. så kan det vara ibland.

et lille oejeblik - a little moment sa...

well, it's your dream, so it's your words. but does it matter? i don't think the man cares, unless you let him :)

lovely weekword.