tisdag 9 mars 2010

ord i jord / word in world

Jag har tusen berättelser men inga ord.
Eller så har jag ord men inget murbruk.
Berättelserna har mening men inte meningar.
Boken är inte ännu formad, bara meningen har en form.
Formen är konstruktivistisk,
och färgfylld.

I have thousands of stories but no words.
Or, I have words but no mortar.
The stories has sense but no sentences.
The book has yet no shape, but the sence has a shape.
The shape is constructive,
and colourful.

3 kommentarer:

Bella Sinclair sa...

Another incredibly beautiful pattern. Your colors are divine, and the way all your pieces fall together give such a sense of beautiful order -- that they were always meant to be put together that way. Wonderful work!

Aris sa...

oh hanna you always have words, beautiful words, thoughtful words, I love this little poem and wow what a beautiful image it looks large like it is rippling in the wind like the sail of a ship. I think i'd like to set sail in a ship with a beautiful sail made by you. hmm where would i go......

hanna-happenings sa...

Thank You friends! :)
It´s so elevating to have You here.