torsdag 18 februari 2010

tröst / solace

Flora av färg.
Screenprint, textil, övertryck, 40cm / diameter.

Flora of colour.
Screenprinted textile, transparent colours, 40cm / diameter.

4 kommentarer:

Aris sa...

wow. i love the yellow that you can't see through on the right side, beautiful tension and a rest like a little bench for the eyes. that difference makes you appreciate the color and layers all the more.
It's early I hope I make sense(:
Have a good day Hanna(:

hanna-happenings sa...

Aris, really, thanks for being here! :)

aimee sa...

beautiful on the eyes! i love it!

hanna-happenings sa...

Thanks Aimee, I´m glad You´re here!