tisdag 16 februari 2010

kontemplation / contemplation

Välkommen kontemplation, omfamna mig.
Kontemplation borde vara lika viktigt som att sova middag.
Sova middag borde vara lika viktigt som att borsta tänderna.

Welcome contemplation, embrace me.
Contemplation should be as important as taking a nap.
Taking a nap should be as important as teeth-brushing for Your everyday life.

4 kommentarer:

Aris sa...

and your work is so good for contemplation. I love to stare, it puts me in a trance, peace comes over me. This is so beautiful.
I want to know about your process and then I don't, I love the mystery.

hanna-happenings sa...

Aris Your angle of incidence is always tickling! thanks.

Bella Sinclair sa...

Awwwwww! I'm sure after staring at your art, one will have blissful, happy, technicolor dreams!

hanna-happenings sa...