lördag 9 april 2011


Drawing challenge: mirror. Ain't that an interesting choice?! Visit the clever Ariane for more mirroring!
In my mirror the word KÄRLEK = LOVE
Love Love Love Love

and it's increasing

(hey, Jasmins mirror reminded me of this)

6 kommentarer:

♥ w o o l f ♥ sa...

just in time to catch your mirror of love, four ways... clever!
i find love sounds exciting in your language!

Ariane Reichardt sa...

Dear Hanna,
thank you for your nice and clever post: its down-to-earth this quadruped Love, lovely...you are living in a four-hearted family? Its a four-leave clover!
x Ariane.

Milady Productions sa...

this is an exciting pattern - i could envision it woven, in a wool carpet as a huge rug . wouldn't that be nice?!

Citlalli sa...

nice post, reflecting love 4 times, I like what love sounds in your language, in spanish love is "amor"

Ariane Reichardt sa...

Well, I think Stephanie is right..its a great idea...and/or woven in a blanket? to be covered in a blanket of KÄRLEK...
x Ariane.

aimee sa...

i LOVE this!