söndag 17 april 2011


This weeks host of drawing challenge is perfect Hi Happy Panda with map. If You haven´t been visiting Rachel - GO THERE! She shows a wonderful view of Life on her blog.

Now for the map, I´m showing some old work that is still in progress. It´s old as in I started it eleven years ago and Old as in the deepth of knowledge that comes from it, as it comes to me from Timelessness. They are sort of maps or compasses. I often do metaphysical maps. I don´t really know yet how to talk about it/them. And I´m quite brave to show this work... I have rarely shown it for a decade. They are here as well.
The third pic is a map of colour nuances. I save my mixtures in a cover. I am strictly bound to some of the nuances that my inner maps show me. So I really need to know how I got there, at least practically in the mixture process. Because there is no way (yet) for me to theoretically describe or lead the way in or out of my maps, or is there?

I´ll come back with a translation of the first pic.
Now off to the forest, we´ra having a barbecue with some friends. Sweet sunday!

3 kommentarer:

♥ w o o l f ♥ sa...

bbq already - it must be summer??!!
and inner maps... oh yes.
looking forward to your translations too, honey.

Ariane Reichardt sa...

I'm sitting in front of my pc and turn my head in different directions reading your words on your map, trying to follow in swedish, kära modig Hanna...the elements, notice the colours...and...
some words...confidence, feeling, people, entity...polar opposites or two sides of the same coin? as well as?
Please tell me more about your maps. I like your deepness a lot!
xo Ariane.

Rachel sa...

I too look forward to your translations. The maps are beautiful in their color and shape alone...I am so interested in their words. Thank you for sharing something so personal.
I also love the paint in the notebook...there is something so wonderful about notebooks. I buy them all the time, then Greta steals them from me.