torsdag 3 februari 2011

You see

Remember this piece?
It surprised me.
This piece had a story to tell and I had no idea what it was.
Not when made years ago and not when remade some months ago.
Can You see it? Can You see the message?
It says:
You get more than You see.

It´s about all the invisible, the magic, the unpredictable.
It´s about all the in betweens, the face to face and all the layers.
It´s about the white and everything that fits in to it.

and also it has some mathematical indestructible moments of truth that I haven´t yet figured out with all of my sences.

3 kommentarer:

Aris sa...

I love the inbetweens, i spend most of my time there (:
These are beautiful Hanna! I love coming here.

Milady Productions sa...

Dear Hanna,
It is so lovely to meet you! I've thrown a tender piece of my heart into the universe and have been rewarded with like minded cyber souls.thank you for your kindness. I really love your place here as well - very calm, inspiring, poetic, observant.I have a crush on Sweden. :) I esp love the little conversation about siblings from your daughter. so sweet.

Milady Productions sa...

oh, and i just saw the link...see comment there.