onsdag 16 februari 2011

cottage love

For some time ago I promised Gina to show my drawings of our allotment garden cottage.
We had a tiny "faluröd" / swedish red cottage on our little allotment ground before and it was falling to pieces. So we decided to build a new one. I saved the door and the two windows with glazing bars. The cottage is the same size plus 1 meter wider for a garden tool store with entrance from a dubbel door on the right. On the left of the door we bought two old windows to have a glass corner, it´s helpful when pre-germinating and also a wonderful wiev out in the garden (thanks Per for the idea). The width of the only room inside is exactly the length of a bed. Perfect for relaxing and to bring a cup of tea. The garden is about 20 meters from our appartment just across the street and then a path in to the allotment area.
It would have been a hard time for me to manage life in an appartment without this garden. (I´m really a forest kind of a person.)
We painted the house with falu black paint. The windows and frames are sun-yellow and gold-ocher linseed oil paint.
Here some pics from the inside. My husbands pics from the allotment garden.

I´m so happy that we conducted this life-affirming project!
A huge Thank You, to the ones involved!

4 kommentarer:

Elisabeth sa...

Å, så vackert. Både stuga och trädgård. Eldar på min desperata längtan efter vår och sommar. Vad lätt det är att andas när allt är grönt. Och vad kallt det är att finnas i allt det vita.

justahumblebee sa...

Thank you so much for sharing Hanna! I love the plans. The door is my favorite. I like the placement of the windows too. I would love to have a cottage like this on the property here. We also love to keep gardens and could use a garden shed as well. I dream of having a separate studio cottage with surrounding gardens or a conservatory/library.... or BOTH! ....someday :)
Maybe if I draw up plans too it will come true.

hanna-happenings sa...

Gina, if You draw up plans Your dreams are more likely to come true :)

Elisabeth, I guess that goes for summer plans too, to draw them up :)

Milady Productions sa...

IT is a charmed little cottage! I have also been so curious why the cottages in Sweden are red. It is a preserving sort of paint? I like that you chose the dark with sunflower windows. Your little bugs look cozy inside the sunflower's kernel. I'm not sure I could survive in an apartment. Lambs aren't allowed!