onsdag 1 september 2010

inside the wind

Sometimes I visualize the wind,
not only do I feel it
or see it´s advance.
I look in to it
I screw up my eyes and this is what I see
I made a sketch,
You might call it the invisible skeleton of the wind.
I´m not sure yet if different winds has different skeletons,
different dna perhaps.
I know though that they have different purposes.
Like the one the other day that blew away old habits.
I know that I must do some research inside the wind...

to be continued.

6 kommentarer:

justahumblebee sa...

wow, wonderful... I can't wait to see what the wind stirs up inside and out of you next.

Elisabeth sa...

Å, det här måste jag fundera på. Jag som helt banalt bara inte gillat vind. Tyckt att den stört och hindrat mig. Utan att tänka mig in i den eller se någon skönhet. Så klart att du har rätt. Det finns ett mönster i varje vind, måste bara öppna sinnena, leva mig in i det...


sarapirat sa...

i once had a spanish friend, while living in the netherlands, where it used to be windy most of the time. and she used to say that the wind in the netherlands drive people crazy. for good and for bad.
these wind skeletons are beautiful!
and a wind that blows away old habits is welcomed.
have a beautiful weekend,

Aris sa...

I miss you! I love the idea of the skeleton of the wind, beautiful. I try to look at the air sometimes to see even the tiniest of bugs flying, it takes great concentration. The wind has been powerful here today. I woke up a little grumpy. We went for a walk at apark through the windy woods by a river and my smile returned, just like that. (:
HOpe you have a wonderful weekend Hanna!

hanna-happenings sa...

Yay for the wind!

Bella Sinclair sa...

Oh, Hanna! To capture the wind on paper, to visualize it with structure, with a skeleton! What an incredible way to view something so elusive. These are wonderful patterns. I would love to feel something like that running through my hair. Your photos are dreamy, just like your beautiful and thoughtful poem about the wind. Speaking of wind, I love that photo of the hot air balloon floating around in it!