onsdag 13 januari 2010


Äntligen ett nytt år.
Jag har haft semester och jobbat. Bra och bra.
Samlar ihop, planerar och funderar inför det som komma skall.
Och, jag borde planera in tid för min blogg! Det är viktigt, som Aimee säger.

At last a new year.
I´ve had vacation and I´ve been working. Good and good.
Collecting my thoughts and planning, I am contemplative for what is to come.
And I should make time for my blog! It´s important as Aimee says.

3 kommentarer:

Aris sa...

Yes, Hannah, do make time for your blog because I love to visit and see what you are up to! I Love your circles are they printed or painted?

hanna-happenings sa...

ThankYou Aris, You now made my day!!!
The circles are printed by hand. The blue is printed on canvas it measures I think 15 cm diameter. The purple/turquoise blue is printed on textile and then laminated into an underlay that can be used on the table or put on a wall. It measures 23 cm diameter.

aimee sa...

i adore that piece in the center photo! and thanks for the mention :)