fredag 11 december 2009

Adventsmys / Sunday-afternoon

Grannar Vänner Medmänniskor
Ateljén är öppen för ADVENTSMYS på söndag.
Lucia 13/12 mellan kl. 12-16

Glögg Julklappar Sällskap och Mys
Det kommer att finnas textil konst, brickor, underlägg, barnkläder, väskor och textila djurkompisar!

Välkomna till Kanikgatan 4 i Lund.
Vi ses!

Neighbours, Friends, Fellow-beings
My studio is open on Sunday 13 decembre from 12 to 16 in the afternoon.
Please join me for the mulled wine, the x-mas gifts, the art and the company!
For sale there will be art, trays, underlays, cards, childrens clothes and textile animal-friends.

WELCOME to Kanikgatan 4 in Lund!
see ya!

For my faraway friends if You are intersted in bying anything please let me know and I´ll send it to You!

3 kommentarer:

aimee sa...

oh hanna i wish i could come! your work is so lovely!

Bella Sinclair sa...

I hope you had a GREAT Sunday! Everything looks so wonderful. Those are really cool trays with the angel sculpture. Wow!

hanna-happenings sa...

ThankYou! It was a great day.