onsdag 3 juni 2009

tystnaden / the silence

Jag har känt mig ordlös ett tag, vet inte hur länge.
Sakta sipprar orden upp till ytan igen, ett och ett... eller i samklang.
Här och här kan Du känna Dig fri att vara utan ord och lyssna i tystnaden. En dag, en vecka eller ett liv.
I´ve been feeling speechless for a while, don´t know for how long.
Slowly the words ooze out again, one by one or in harmony.
Here and here You can feel free to be without words and listen in the silence. For a day, a week or a lifetime.

5 kommentarer:

Esti sa...

I relate. It's been kinda hard to put words to feelings lately. We'll learn to enjoy the silence then

aimee sa...

i really enjoy your writing style!

Aris sa...

Beautiful words and those photos together are lovely they talk to one another and say something quiet and beautiful. I enjoyed listening thank you.

hanna-happenings sa...

Friends, Thank You!

Boubou sa...

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a bientot,
Boubouteatime xx